Hydrogen (H₂)

Thermally-accelerated Anaerobic Digestion (TAD) Technology, involves a novel fractionation process that extract Hydrogen (3-4%), Methane (12-14%) and bio-Tar (2-4) % by weight from bio-waste and convert it into smokeless bio-coal (25-28%).

This fractionation process that has almost 50% mass to fuel conversion efficiency. TAD process is almost 5-7 times more efficient than any biomass to fuel conversion processes existing in the world. The entire process can be completed by electricity
generated from the byproducts received during the process.

Methane (CH₄)

Our expertise lies in biogas plants, and we have assisted several clients in turning their waste materials into biogas. Our biogas facilities employ anaerobic digestion to decrease the quantity of hazardous gasses that spread throughout our environment and to lessen the greenhouse effect. Other advantages of effectively utilizing biogas technology include the creation of biofertilizer, as well as ecological and social advantages including reforestation and cleanliness.

The electrons infiltrate the treated organic molecules and break carbon & hydrogen from the long chain and tear the molecular chain; then spreads rapidly around. It forms a pyrolysis field with great energy. Organic substances become ash.


Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

We can supply both Brewery based & Distillery based CO₂ Recovery plants with 99.99% product purity, confirming to ISBT standards. These are designed in conformation with industry standards and are available in various capacities and sizes as per your specific requirements. Our range caters to the requirements of various applications such as beverage, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We supply CO₂ plant Food Grade ISBT standard.

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